petak, 5. prosinca 2014.

Flying with freinds - Night Fury

Hello! I was not here for a while, but now I am and I'm hoping that you are still here. Anyways, I've been playing with my friends all the time now and we are having so much fun playing School of Dragons. Using the latest cheats we were able to get all Night Fury.

Night Fury is awesome

I thought that I was not going to be such a fan when it comes to Night fury. That dragon is just the best. The flying, the speed and the attack range is amazing on this dragon. If you don't have Fury already, you should get yourself one. It's not that hard. You can read about how I got it on my previous post or you can just click here.

Flying with friends

Like I said, in the last few days, I've been playing School of Dragons with my buddies and we are really having fun. We actually go to work, get home, spend time with out family and then it's game time! We play on daily basis and we play for a few hours. Anyways, that would be it for today boys. Take care!

četvrtak, 20. studenoga 2014.

School of Dragons cheat codes

How about we talk some more about School of Dragons cheat codes? Yeah, let's do that!

School of Dragons cheat codes

When it comes to games, everyone would like to cheat the system, right? Yes, I'm right and I know that. When I play games and I'm stuck on some level or something, I tend to get very mad and that is when I try to beat the system - use cheat codes. I've been very successful in this and I've been using cheats for a long time, longer than I can remember and I can tell your right now, there is cheat for almost every single game that is out there today. I'm not lying to you, do a quick Google search and you're see what I'm talking about. Some may be different then the other - some will be online cheats and some of them you will have to download and run on your computer to get it working, but not these School of Dragons cheat codes - these you will be running online, on a website. To check what I'm talking about, click the link. To see the cheats in practice, check the image below.

Using these cheat codes is very simple and you will see that on the site that I provided you with. All you gotta do is enter your username and click a few buttons and that's it. Your account will be upgrade with a free membership, but as a bonus you will get a few more stuff that I think is pretty cool and you can get them only on that site. So, don't wait no more, this could be patched, you only need a few clicks and you're done so have fun!

utorak, 18. studenoga 2014.

Welcome and info


My name is Dominik and I'm huge fan of this really cool game - School of Dragons. I'm also a big fan of the movies so, you can say that I'm a fanboy which I don't mind really because at the end of the day, I really am that. In this cool blog I will be writing numerous tutorials, tips-and-tricks and I will provide everything you need to know about cheats for this game so make sure to remember the address of this blog so you can read all the updates on this. This would be all from me and I hope that you will keep reading. First real post is coming soon so be ready!